Adam has been working with clay periodically for the last 16 years, including several college classes and many seasons of independent work. A few years ago he realized his most inspired ideas were feasible via the slip casting process and has been pursuing that path ever since, while continuing wheel thrown work as well.

At this time, the focus of his work is on high relief tiles in geometric patterns, particularly in the form of the mandala , a symmetric round design found in many spiritual traditions. The geometries are based on patterns found in nature such as fractals and the golden ratio.

The development process, after the concept is arrived at, requires several steps. The design is created using computer aided drafting from which two dimensional patterns are printed for each tile type. Then 3D forms are hand sculpted on top of these patterns. These forms are used to make plaster molds from which the hollow tiles are caste. The caste pieces are bisque fired, glazed, and fired again. The smooth contours, the process, the tactility of the tiles, and the longevity and feel of stoneware ceramics are hugely appealing to Adam. He is looking forward to evolving the work—the possibilities are endless!

His work strives to conjure the sacred, to merge the dual, the masculine and the feminine, science and magic, and arrive at something eternal. His intention when creating his pieces is to create something that feels fresh, ancient, and as if it is born from nature. The symmetry of the pieces is meant to convey balance. Each piece is intended as a prayer.



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